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SSO Deep Linking Support

Introduction to Deep Linking

O’Reilly Media’s support of SAML SSO allows for deep linking, which authenticates a user and redirects that user to a specific area or title on the O’Reilly Learning Platform. These deep links can be used in communication to users in your organization, in a corporate portal, or to associate with learning events/objects in a Learning Management System.

Creating a Deep Link

To create a deep link, or “go-link,” you can appaend a relative path or the complete URL to{CONNECTION_STRING}. The connection string is unique to your organization and will be provided to you as a part of your onboarding. Accessing that URL with your connection string appended will authenticate you and direct you to the O’Reilly Learning home page.

To link directly into content, append the relative path to the URL, like so:{CONNECTION_STRING}{CONTENT_PATH}

Whether you use the relative path or complete URL, the results will be the same. Let’s look at an example. In this example, our connection string is AcmeCo, and we want to link to chapter 5 of Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, which can be found at:

We’d create a deep link to chapter 5 using the relative path like so:

Or create a deep link with the complete URL:

A go-link can link to any piece of content on O’Reilly online learning and even to a specific part of the content. Simply navigate to the specific place within the content you’d like to link to, copy the URL from the browser address bar, and append that path to the go-link URL as described above. In all cases, you can use the relative path or the complete URL. Some examples follow.

Link to chapter 6 of a video:

Link to a learning path:

Link to a case study:

Link to a playlist:

Link to a search query

Or a multiword search query:

Migrating from Legacy Formats

For existing deep links in your catalog, O’Reilly recommends that you replace the text

with the text


As an example, let’s update an SSO deep link published by the fictitious University of Sebastopol. The connection string for this fictitious account is: UofSebastopol. The book they have linked is Building Microservices at the URL:

The existing SSO deep link to Building Microservices is:

After migrating to O’Reilly’s go-link format, the link to Building Microservices will become: