And the winners of the second annual 2023 O’Reilly Awards are…

(Drumroll, please)

Determining the winners of the 2023 O’Reilly Awards was no easy task for our panel of judges. Each entry told an inspiring story about putting the O’Reilly learning platform to work for their organization.

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thank you to every organization that submitted an entry for this year’s O’Reilly Awards. We’re already getting excited for 2024!

Most Effective User Onboarding Program

The judges looked for interesting engagement strategies that quickly got users active on the platform, including novel internal communications approaches and other ideas that helped drive early adoption of O’Reilly within their organization.



What made HP stand out to the judges:

HP launched using a comprehensive communication plan, integrations to create frictionless user access to O’Reilly resources, and ongoing user feedback opportunities to grow and improve the program. This led to an engaged user base that outpaced other B2B customers of a similar size with regards to enrollment and actual learning time.


Delivery Hero

What made Delivery Hero stand out to the judges:

Delivery Hero’s strategic approach to personalize employee growth, coupled with a thriving learning community, resulted in an impressive 85% subscription rate within just five days of the launch of O’Reilly. Plus, user engagement soared by +35%, demonstrating the power of personalization and community-driven learning in a rapidly evolving tech world.

Best in Skills Transformation

Judges looked for how teams leveraged O’Reilly en masse to drive a skills transformation across their organization, whether they were migrating to the cloud, adopting AI, or ensuring security is baked into all of their organization’s products. How did they engage their teams, how did O’Reilly help, and what was the end result?



What made HCLTech stand out to the judges:

HCLTech is going all-in on cloud native and using O’Reilly to upskill and crosskill 12,000+ entry-level to advanced employees in 2023. They’re using O’Reilly assignments to certify and track their cloud native engineers’ progress. And their vision moving forward is for O’Reilly to become the sole learning provider company-wide.



What made Leidos stand out to the judges:

Leidos has clear objectives supported by C-level leaders to drive participation growth in critical initiatives that matter in AI/ML, data science, software upskilling, cloud, and security—and they measure specific outcomes including impact on retention.

Best in Cloud Transformation

Judges were looking for the answers to these kinds of questions: How did the O’Reilly learning platform help you make the move from a monolith to the cloud? Or figure out how to leverage a multicloud architecture. Or help deliver real business impact leveraging the cloud?



What made Tavant stand out to the judges:

Tavant adopted a visionary, holistic, and agile strategy that resulted in 72% of associates who embarked on a journey of cloud-related learning emerging with certifications. Among them, 146 earned AWS and Azure certifications, while 94 showcased their expertise in diverse areas. They’re now powering innovative projects in multiple business verticals across agtech, manufacturing, fintech, ebusiness, and media.



What made EPAM stand out to the judges:

EPAM’s Cloud Excellence (CloudX) program leveraged the self-directed learning capabilities of the O’Reilly learning platform to provide comprehensive upskilling for the most in-demand tech areas and to support employees’ growth in cloud computing based on modern trends and clients’ needs.

Cybersecurity Excellence

The judges understand that nothing’s scarier than a breach—and few things feel better than knowing you’ve helped keep your systems secure. So they wanted to see how organizations used O’Reilly to upskill people and improve programs to batten down the digital hatches.



What made Grubhub stand out to the judges:

All Grubhub employees were offered an O’Reilly course on ethical hacking in preparation for a hacking of their own during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Teams also attended the O’Reilly Security Superstream series and were awarded a Grubhub Security Ambassador certification upon completion. And a partnered Slack channel helped users stay on top of key infosec material and discuss findings.



What made Infosys stand out to the judges:

Infosys teams’ consumption of security-related content has exceeded the industry average by 50% for the past four years. This year, Infosys teams used O’Reilly to prepare for several key security certifications to enhance employee competitiveness and company professionalism. Their 90-day active users also doubled in only half a year.

Engineering Excellence

The judges were looking for how organizations used our learning platform to retrain teams, improve productivity, or otherwise take teams to the next level. Why did you develop an engineering learning program—and how did O’Reilly help your teams reach your goals?



What made DataArt stand out to the judges:

O’Reilly was a key part of DataArt’s ‘learn by doing’ approach to help their engineers remain top experts. Even after the initial onboarding stage, O’Reilly usage dramatically rose, with 3.6 hours per user over the last year and 92% of respondents confirming that access to O’Reilly has helped them solve problems, learn a new skill, or advance in their careers.



What made CLEAR stand out to the judges:

CLEAR impressed us with how they’ve involved their engineering leaders to craft and promote their own shared O’Reilly playlists as part of the organization’s ongoing tech newsletters. They’ve also curated roundtable discussions using O’Reilly content to help their engineering managers elevate their leadership skills and drive engineering excellence.

O’Reilly’s Choice

A select group of organizations were nominated for the coveted O’Reilly’s Choice award. The judges looked for interesting stories from organizations that embraced a culture of learning with their employees and used the O’Reilly learning platform to help nurture their talent in a purposeful way.



What made Medidata stand out to the judges:

Medidata has engaged O’Reilly for their new hire onboarding efforts, to address specific technical functions for their teams, and for continuous learning and career development. The organization allows multithreaded access to entertain all ideas, reach their learners in a variety of ways, and be true collaborative partners for the success of their global talent.

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