O’Reilly Radar: The Complexity and Opportunity of the Cloud

May 17, 7:00am PT/10:00am ET/4:00pm CEST

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Successful companies live in the cloud—full stop. Cloud frameworks and technologies provide a competitive edge—but they also bring security concerns, data challenges, cost considerations, and compounding complexity. You need to have a pragmatic plan in place now to adapt to the cloud and its rapidly evolving complexity—and to provide your teams with the tools and techniques they need to rise to this challenge. But it’s not easy.

Join us on May 17 to meet some of the brightest minds in the industry and to discover how event-driven integration enables new organization strategies; see how security driven by zero trust and automation will transform your understanding of privacy, identity, and observability; and learn how to enable and nurture developers when experienced cloud developers are hard to find. The event is free, but reservations are required.

On May 18, we’ll rebroadcast this event for those in the Asia-Pacific time zones. RSVP here.


6:30am PT/9:30am ET/3:30pm CEST

Networking Time

7:00am PT/10:00am ET/4:00pm CEST


Sam Newman, O’Reilly Author, Independent Consultant

7:05am PT/10:05am ET/4:05pm CEST

Flow and Enabling the Modern Software Organization

James Urquhart, VMware Tanzu

7:45am PT/10:45am ET/4:45pm CEST

Announce O’Reilly Awards

Rachel Roumeliotis, O’Reilly

7:50am PT/10:50am ET/4:50pm CEST

Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower and Sam Newman

Kelsey Hightower, GCP

Sam Newman, O’Reilly Author, Independent Consultant

8:30am PT/11:30am ET/5:30pm CEST


8:40am PT/11:40am ET/5:40pm CEST

Choosing a Cloud Database

Jim Walker, Cockroach Labs

9:00am PT/12:00pm ET/6:00pm CEST

Developer Enablement: Improve Productivity and Job Satisfaction While Building High-Performance Engineering Teams

Kristen Buchanan, Edify

Mark Birch, Amazon

9:40am PT/12:40pm ET/6:40pm CEST

Closing Comments

Sam Newman, O’Reilly Author, Independent Consultant

About Cockroach Labs

Cockroach Labs is the creator of CockroachDB, one of the most highly evolved cloud-native, distributed SQL databases on the planet. Helping companies of all sizes—and the apps they develop—to scale fast, survive anything, and thrive everywhere.