Domains that need to be added to your allowlist

Please add the following domains to your allowlist to ensure that the O’Reilly learning platform works as expected.


Domain Purpose
* This encompasses all O’Reilly properties, including,, and
* This is home to our static assets and fonts.


Our live online training courses are delivered via ON24. Please add the entire ON24 domain to your allowlist (*


Kaltura is our video provider. We recommend adding the entire Kaltura domain to your allowlist (* Kaltura requires firewall exceptions for ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), and 1935 (RTMP).

If you prefer to add domains individually, please include the following on your allowlist:

Domain Purpose Main API entrance KMC Customer KAF instance CloudFront API (for thumbs and VOD) Unsecured API CDN Secured API CDN Kaltura alternative CDN Kaltura live alternative CDN KMS CDN API CDN Legacy live CDN Customer MediaSpace URL For FTP uploads Analytics service Aspera high-speed upload Push events DRM URL eCDN monitor Live packagers Fastly CDN Fastly CDN VOD Kaltura CDN VOD Unsecured API CDN PS SSO Pexip SIP Stats (old DWH) KMS upload URL Kaltura legacy TLS API settings with IPv4 only Kaltura legacy TLS API settings with IPv4 and IPv6


Katacoda powers our interactive learning environments. If wildcards can be used, you just need to add * to your allowlist. If not, please add the following domains below:

Domain Purpose
* Katacoda environments Katacoda scenarios Katacoda scenarios WebSocket connections WebSocket connections for Asia WebSocket connections for Europe