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Example review

Strategic Writing for UX

Drive Engagement, Conversion, and Retention with Every Word, first edition

Great practical guide for all UXers out there
July 15, 2019
Format: Paperback
Verified Purchase

Strategic Writing for UX is a practical and valuable guide which organizations at various levels of UX Writing maturity can apply to their products.

Torrey provides ideas for frameworks and systems to ensure that users can recognize a product’s voice, understand it, and achieve their goals. For example,Torrey emphasizes the value of an organization creating a Voice Chart. Aligning aspects of written language including vocabulary, verbosity, grammar, etc. with product principles, the Voice Chart is a tool that enables businesses to be intentional in how users feel about their product.

For even more practical guidance, there’s an entire section on UX text patterns, featuring Dos and Don’ts with clear examples.

After laying the foundation, Torrey delves into how one could adopt these principles, providing answers for “where do I start and what do I do next?”.

While this is a great guide for current and aspiring UX Writers, I believe it will be beneficial for all UXers. If you’re a UXD who is working with UXW, it helps to set context and understand how to maximize content strategy value and engagement. If you are doing it all by yourself, it provides ideas and guidance. For UX Leads, it’s a great reference on how to think about content strategy and UX writing for your product.

Other examples

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