Ajey Gore

Ajey Gore is group CTO at GO-JEK, primarily focused on payments and organization-wide technology and team strategies, where he helps the company deliver a transport, logistics, lifestyle, and payments platform of 20 products. Ajey has 18 years of experience building core technology strategy across diverse domains. His interests include machine learning, networking, and distributed architecture systems. Previously, Ajey founded CodeIgnition (acquired by GO-JEK); served as ThoughtWorks’s head of technology; and was CTO at Hoppr, a Bharati SoftBank-funded startup (acquired by Hike Messenger). An active influencer in the technology community, Ajey is a trustee of the Emerging Technology Trust, a not-for-profit organization and organizes conferences, including RubyConf, GopherCon, and devopsdays.


Inclusivity for the greater good

March 8, 2018

Ajey Gore explains why GO-JEK is focusing its attention beyond urban Indonesia to help people across the country’s rural areas.

Impacting a nation

December 7, 2017

Ajey Gore looks at how the impossible can be made possible with technology and data insights.