Cassie Kozyrkov

As Google Cloud's Chief Decision Engineer, Cassie Kozyrkov is passionate about helping everyone - Google, its customers, the world! - make better decisions through harnessing the beauty and power of data. She speaks at conferences and meets with leadership teams to empower decision-makers to transform their industries through AI, machine learning, and analytics. At Google, Cassie has advised more than a hundred teams on statistics and machine learning, working most closely with Research & Machine Intelligence, Google Maps, and Ads & Commerce. She has also personally trained more than 15,000 Googlers (executives, engineers, scientists, and even non-technical staff members) in machine learning, statistics, and data-driven decision-making. Prior to joining Google, Cassie spent a decade working as a data scientist and consultant. She is a leading expert in decision science, with undergraduate studies in statistics and economics (University of Chicago) and graduate studies in statistics, neuroscience, and psychology (Duke University and NCSU). When she’s not working, you’re most likely to find Cassie at the theatre, in an art museum, exploring the world, playing board games, or curled up with a good novel.


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