Gretchen Anderson

Gretchen Anderson spent the first part of her career in design consulting for firms like frog design, Cooper, and Punchcut. For the past three years she has served as the VP of Product for GreatSchools, a national non-profit that helps parents get their kids a great education. Gretchen oversees design, product management and engineering and loves the challenge of helping design permeate an organization, not just products.

Her past clients include Virgin Records, Samsung, and Johnson & Johnson. Most recently at GreatSchools, she works with local communities like Detroit and Indianapolis that are looking to improve education for their families. Gretchen is a Bay Area native who left only long enough to get a bachelor's degree from Harvard in History & Literature. Twitter: @gretared

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Birds flock together.

Pair design

In this report, two seasoned advocates explain how pair design—the practice of having two designers work together on each aspect of a design project—works and what you need to implement it at your company.