Joleen Liang

Joleen Liang, partner at Squirrel AI Learning, mainly in charge of branding and media. Joleen Liang is a successful serial entrepreneur and experienced brand planner. She has successively built a number of fast moving consumer goods, young fashion catering, AI Internet education brands. After becoming the partner at Yixue Squirrel (Songshu) AI Learning, she created the “Squirrel AI" brand. She has been invited to give keynote speeches at AI conferences such as IJCAI in Sweden, KDD in London, TechCrunch in Berlin, World Summit AI in Amsterdam, Bloomberg in Shanghai and UBS headquarter in Zurich. Joleen also founded a branding theory called “360D”, which helped Squirrel AI Learning expand its influence and brand reputation internationally which also resulted in the 7 times Compound Annual Growth Rate.