Leor Zolman

Leor Zolman has been involved in systems/application software design and implementation, system administration and IT training for almost 40 years, spanning the CP/M, UNIX and Windows operating systems.

In 1979, Leor wrote the BD Software C Compiler ("BDS C"), the first 8080/Z80 native-code C compiler both developed on and targeted for personal computers.

Leor was a staff member of R&D Publications, Inc. in Lawrence, KS from 1989-1992. His writings appeared in The C/C++ Users Journal, Windows Developer's Journal and SysAdmin magazines. His book "Illustrated C" was the first title in the R&D Books catalog.

Leor is the author of STLFilt, a free C++ error message “decryptor” available for many popular C++ compilers.

Currently he both authors and delivers corporate on-site software development training, mostly on C++ topics.

Leor's web site is www.bdsoft.com, and his email address is leor@bdsoft.com.