Timothy Gallo

Timothy Gallo is a cyber security specialist engineer at Symantec. Tim has been working in IT security since 1999, but he’s also been a bouncer, a bartender, and a physicist. He loves finding new ways to do things, in particular by breaking them. Tim has been spending time lately tearing apart pumps, golf carts, and other items to rebuild them into something better, faster, and stronger.


Ransomware: When to pay (and when not to)

December 20, 2016

While most security professionals argue against paying the ransom, there are some cases where paying is the right choice for an organization. Learn what to consider, and how to decide.

Threat intelligence and ransomware

December 13, 2016

Understand the latest ransomware delivery methods, use the latest network indicators, and detect the latest behavioral indicators.

Meeting the ransomware challenge

October 17, 2016

5 Questions for Timothy Gallo and Allan Liska: Insights on common ransomware delivery methods and how to find balance between minimizing attack risks and maximizing productivity.