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Pinterest's journey to the cloud

By Micheal Benedict

Pinterest helps you discover and do what you love. Pinterest's infrastructure is built to cater to its scale—over 150M MAUs across the globe contributing and combing through a billion pins—which has ...

Case Study: How Pinterest Built a Stream Processing Platform with Apache Flink

By Chen Qin

Facing rapid growth and competition in its online business, Pinterest had to evolve its data stack from offline-only ETL batch jobs to near-real-time big data applications. But stateful stream processing is ...

How The Home Depot develops software with OpenSource

By Cade Thacker, Jermaine Davis

Cade Thacker and Jermaine Davis explain how The Home Depot built a culture of open source development. Along the way, they share perspectives on the coding, tooling, and processes that built ...

How Spotify uses machine learning to personalize the user experience

By Mounia Lalmas

Understanding user listening behavior is essential for personalizing music listening experiences on Spotify. Mounia Lalmas explains how Spotify uses machine learning recommenders that take into account what and how users consume ...

How Uber uses machine learning and deep learning to forecast business

By Andrea Pasqua

Andrea Pasqua investigates the merits of using deep learning and other machine learning approaches in the area of forecasting and describes some of the machine learning approaches Uber uses to forecast ...

How Stanford University uses AI and deep learning to make clinical imaging faster and safer

By Enhao Gong, Greg Zaharchuk

What is the impact of AI and deep learning on clinical workflows? Enhao Gong and Greg Zaharchuk offer an overview of AI and deep learning technologies invented at Stanford and applied ...