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June 14, 2021

Machine Learning for Business Analytics: A Deep Dive into Data with Python

Presented by Walter Paczkowski, Ph.D.

Extract richer information from your data using Python and machine learning It is almost trite to say that businesses, regardless of size, are awash in data. Whole organizations are devoted to ...

May 18, 2021

Fundamentals of Learning: Learn faster and better using neuroscience

Presented by Connie Missimer

Learn faster and better using neuroscience Many of us feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge— and disinformation— we face daily. Currently there are over a dozen theories about how ...

June 2 & 3, 2021

Advanced Machine Learning: Create Real-World ML Projects

Presented by Noureddin Sadawi

Develop Your Own Face Recognizer, Text Analyzer, Network Security Checker and Stock Market Predictor Machine learning (ML) is a fast growing field and its applications are becoming ubiquitous. One real life ...

June 21, 2021

Introduction to Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Presented by Dr. Chuck Easttom

This is an overview of how machine learning impacts cybersecurity. The first 60% of the course is an introduction to machine learning covering a wide range of techniques and algorithms. Then ...

June 24, 2021

Monitoring Machine Learning Models in Python

Presented by Andy Petrella, Sammy El Khammal

Never be surprised by data quality issues in production As a member of a data science team, you work with machine learning pipelines ending with a model, such as fraud detection ...

July 7, 2021

Graph-Powered Machine Learning First Steps

Presented by Jörg Schad

From graph analytics to graph neural networks: Making the most of your graph data Many powerful machine learning algorithms—including PageRank (Pregel), recommendation engines (collaborative filtering), and text summarization and other NLP ...