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Now that software development is shifting primarily toward mobile and cloud computing, the venerable C++ programming language is returning to the dominant position it held during the object-oriented boom of the 1990s. In this O’Reilly report, you’ll learn why C++ is once again the preferred choice across several diverse industries, after taking a backseat to Java during the 2000s.

C++ is a complicated beast that's not easy to learn. But when you need a powerful, highly portable systems programming language or an application programming language with uncompromising performance, it’s hard to beat. With the 2011 and 2014 updates, C++ feels like a completely new language, rather than the old C++ with new features bolted on.

Authors Jon Kalb and Gašper Ažman demonstrate how modern C++ (C++11 and C++14) provides the power, performance, libraries, and tools necessary for massive server farms as well as low-footprint mobile apps.

  • Delve into the modern C++ features that are generating new interest in the language
  • Learn why C++ is the only high-level language available on Apple, Android, and Microsoft mobile devices
  • Explore the C++ cloud computing appeal, including performance, high portability, and low-level hardware control
  • See what the future holds for C++ with proposed changes in the 2017 update

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Gašper Ažman

Gašper Ažman is an undercover mathematician masquerading as a software engineer. On his quest to express ideas precisely, concisely, and with great care for simplicity, he likes to study emerging programming languages for new tricks to apply in his C++. He is currently taking a hiatus from teaching to work on the Amazon search engine at A9.com. In his free time, he makes music and bread.

Jon   Kalb

Jon Kalb

Jon does on-site training on C++ best practices and advanced topics. He is an Approved Outside Training Vendor for Scott Meyers' training materials and is an award winning conference speaker. For information on course content, dates, and rates, please email jon@cpp.training.

Jon has been programming in C++ for two and a half decades. He is currently working on Amazon’s search engine at A9.com. During the last two decades he has written C++ for Amazon, Apple, Dow Chemical, Intuit, Lotus, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, Yahoo! and a number of companies that you've not heard of.

Jon is Conference Chair of both C++Now and CppCon and programs content for the C++ Track for Silicon Valley Code Camp. He serves on the Advisory Board for Undo Software and chairs the Boost Steering Committee.