Derry Thompson

Derry has been programming and working with computers most of his adult life. Originally trained as a graphic designer he started tinkering with programming in the early days of the microcomputer revolution. With the arrival of computer based graphic design and publishing, he found his skill sets ideally placed. Derry published one of the first Macintosh produced publications in the UK, which received several DTP awards. Throughout the 80s & 90s, he worked extensively in the graphics and pre-press arena and was a founder member of Apple UK's Pre-Press council. He published his first web site in 1996 (for his local soccer club) and since then has worked in both Europe and the USA designing and building web sites for clients. He is currently co-owner of GloDerWorks with his partner Gloria Hansen. An active participant in the GoLive community and an avid Mac user, he can be found in various airports using his Titanium G4 Powerbook.