Jon Orwant


Jon Orwant, a well-known member of the Perl community, founded The Perl Journal and co-authored O'Reilly's bestseller, Programming Perl, 3rd Edition.



“Why should I buy this book? Well if you use Perl and are working on the 3rd edition and other works of the same age you are missing out on more than a decade of improvements to the Perl language. Just think of how much more productive you will be if you stop having to type messy constructs like "$x = 3 unless defined $x" and instead say "$x //= 3;"?”
— Martin Houston, FLOSSUK
“This edition offers something for everyone; the novice is introduced to the basics, the intermediate acquires new knowledge or re-evaluates that already in possession filling in the gaps, while the advanced one is getting a tour through all the new language features up to 5.16.”
— Nikos Vaggalis, iProgrammer