Richard Foley

Programmer and Author


Areas of Expertise:

  • Perl debugging
  • programming
Richard Foley is an itinerant Perl programmer (since 1996), born in London, currently living near Munich, Bavaria. He fritters most of his time programming in Perl and Oracle, when he could be spending quality time with his family, reading or playing chess, walking or skiing in the nearby Alps.

He has a technical illustration background, and has developed applications using Perl and Oracle on UNIX in the Aerospace, Internet and Banking industries. Responsible for maintaining the perlbug database, from 1997 to 2001, he has submitted patches to the Perl debugger, and written the perl debugger tutorial (perldebtut).

He is the author of several modules on the CPAN including Oracle::Debug, an interface to the server-side Oracle PL/SQL engine, which was inspired by the Perl debugger. Co-organiser of YAPC::Europe::2002 in Munich, he is a also a member of the YAPC::Europe committee, the group responsible for organizing Perl conferences in Europe.

High point was 24,000 feet on Broad Peak in the Karakorum Himalaya and low point 300 feet under the Yorkshire Dales in the North of England.

Oh, and even the grey hairs are receding, when his daughters don't pull them out first!

RT Essentials RT Essentials
by Dave Rolsky, Darren Chamberlain, Richard Foley, Jesse Vincent, Robert Spier
August 2005
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

Perl Debugger Pocket Reference Perl Debugger Pocket Reference
by Richard Foley
January 2004
Print: $9.95
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