Todd Ogasawara

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Todd Ogasawara is the co-editor of (part of the MediaBistro family of sites) which focuses on mobile technology such as smartphones, portable game consoles, and other mobile devices.

He has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Mobile Devices category for the past several years. His varied tech interests focus on ultraportable wireless computing devices (primarily the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform), virtualization, Mac OS X applications, and open source/proprietary software interoperability. He wrote the Shortcuts PDF book Windows for Intel Macs. He also contributed a couple of hacks to Derrick Story's book, Digital Photography Hacks and Paul Bausch's book Yahoo! Hacks. You can find his personal websites focusing on Mobile Device Technology at, Open Source for Windows and Macs at, Macs at and Windows 7 and Linux at You can find him on Twitter at: toddogasawara.