Steve Holden

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Steve Holden


Steve Holden Is CTO of a stress-management startup in the UK. He has taught many classes on TCP/IP, network security, database and programming topics, and was the author of "Python Web Programming", the O'Reilly School of Technology's "Certificate series in Python" and O'Reilly Media's "Intermediate Python" video series.

Steve has spent time on both sides of the "academic divide", and was an early researcher into the integration of text, graphics and database while teaching system development topics at Manchester University. This research led him to form Desktop Connection Limited, the first UK reseller of Frame Technology's (now Adobe's) FrameMaker software. His customers included British Telecom, British Aerospace, British Gas, and Sun Microsystems..

Born and raised in the UK, Steve has travelled throughout Europe and the USA on teaching assignments. He recently returned to the UK after 20 years in the USA and now lives in Hastings, where when not working or writing he enjoys looking for worthwhile beers, entertaining friends and family, and reading science fiction.