Ken Milburn

Ken Milburn

Ken Milburn has been a photographer, both full- and part-time, for nearly five decades. Ken has written over 300 articles and columns for computer magazines as well as 17 books on web design, Flash, and (mostly) Adobe Photoshop and digital photography. Books currently in print include Digital Photography: 99 Tips to Make you Look Like a Pro, The Photoshop 7 Virtual Classroom, and Photoshop Elements 2.0--The Complete Reference (all from Osborne/McGraw-Hill), and The Digital Photography Bible, 2nd Edition, from Wiley. His newest book, for O'Reilly, the Digital Photography: Expert Techniques, releases in March 2004.

Sony Alpha DSLR A100: A Better Manual Sony Alpha DSLR A100: A Better Manual
by Ken Milburn
May 2007
Ebook: $9.99

Digital Photography Expert Techniques Digital Photography Expert Techniques
by Ken Milburn
Second Edition October 2006
Print: $44.99

From Darkroom to Lightroom From Darkroom to Lightroom
by Ken Milburn
Second Edition September 2006
Ebook: $7.99

Digital Photography: Expert Techniques Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
by Ken Milburn
March 2004

"Milburn clearly and fully explains and integrates all [Photoshop's] file management layers, filters, blends, hue/saturation, and plug-in tools -- with photographic techniques for helping you make the most of what your lens has captured...Throughout the book's well-illustrated color continuity of how-to applied to the 'what's there,' he provides side-by-side before and after and comparison photos that lucidly confirm the techniques and processes that are discussed."
--Tony Reveaux, Film/Tape World

"Are you a serious photographer working in digital? Do you want to produce the highest quality photographs in an efficient and cost-effective way? If so, then Ken Milburn says that his book is for you...All in all this book has lots of wonderful information that is timeless."
--Kari Sheppard, Bay Area Macintosh Users Group, Mouse Bytes

"Ken Milburn knows his stuff, and has developed a highly effective workflow for processing, organizing, presenting and publishing his photos. His experience shows through in each chapter as he opens up his entire process for everyone who reads this title to learn from. Though I found some of my own workflow techniques already matched his suggestions, I found numerous suggestions I hadn't previously known or considered that have helped improve my effectiveness. Efficient and effective workflow is the overriding theme of this title...I recommend this book to anyone who is shooting a high volume of photos, particularly those that may be working their way into portrait photography for hire. Adding the habits and knowledge gained from this title will make you a much better professional as well as the ability to output top notch photos. "
--Jeremy Hall,

"If you've ever wondered what it takes to be a pro in the photo biz, Digital Photography: Expert Techniques will give you a good idea of the dedication, knowledge, and work it takes to do it right. One has only to look at Ken Milburn's pictures to see why this book makes so much sense. His photos are pristine. He seems to be able to connect with the very vibrations of the colors, shadows, and details which are all part of an image, but are often times skirted over by photographers, if only for the lack of knowledge it takes to recognize these things and bring them "up" in the image. His techniques, to be sure, are always pointed toward one thing, and one thing only. Making the best image possible with the least amount of effort and expense. And here it all is, in this wonderful and smartly instructive book."
--Artie Alinikoff,

"I highly recommend this book. Being an amateur photographer myself, I looked forward to reading it, and now it's a worthwhile addition to my reference library. I learned many useful things from it, and I think you will, too."
--Raoul Pop,

"Whether you’re a new photographer or an experienced pro, this book will guide you through the labyrinth of options and choices you face from the moment you see a photo opportunity to the time you share your final results. And it will help you minimize the time needed to fix your mistakes along the way. Through step-by-step procedures based on years of experience, professional photographer Ken Milburn describes a complete workflow sequence that begins with essential equipment and preparation, takes you through detailed editing techniques, and ends with your finished images looking the way you want, ready to be shown to the world. This completely revised edition of Milburn’s original bestseller teaches you everything you need to do before, during, and after the editing process...Without doubt this is a book that I will refer back to many, many times - in fact I doubt that I will ever not need to have it to hand as I pursue my desire to improve my photography, and for that reason I think this is an exceptional book."
--Chris Marshall, MyAppleStuff

"Are you a photographer who is serious about producing the highest quality photographs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible? If you are, then this book is for you. Author Ken Milburn, has done an outstanding job of writing a 2nd edition of a book that focuses on digital SLR cameras that have higher megapixels of noninterpolated resolution, interchangeable lenses, and larger, more noise-free sensors...This most excellent book is more about workflow than it is about procedures in a specific program. Perhaps more importantly, this book contains most of the information you'll ever need as a professional digital photographer."
--John Vacca,

"Packed with nearly 400 pages of material, this book presents topics in a clean, concise manner, spread over 12 chapters...I find Ken Milburn's book to be an excellent resource for all digital photography afficiandos that want to get the most out of their images and learn how Photoshop can fix or repair nearly any problem that can be found and viewed on a computer. If you are a graphic designer or work with digital images on a daily basis, you owe it to yourself to pick up this great book that will most certainly add to your skillset... no question!! "
--Daniel McKinnon,

"This book is for serious photographers who want to produce great images in an efficient, cost-effective manner. It assumes that readers have some understanding of Photoshop. It includes step-by-step guides on everything before and during a photo session."
--Greg Ellman, Star-Telegram

"Ready to take digital photography to the professional level? What you need is a workflow sequence that begins with preparation and ends when you send images out for publication or exhibit. That's exactly what Digital Photography: Expert Techniques, 2nd Edition gives you. Not your ordinary "workflow book," Ken Milburn takes you through digital darkroom set-up and high-efficiency production techniques with Photoshop CS 2 -- everything from non-destructive editing that won't change any pixels in the original, to techniques that alter the image the most. Along the way, he shows you how to manage every version. This book is a must, whether you're a working professional or a passionate amateur."
--Image Resource, Digital Photography Newsletter

"This is a book that takes the reader through the steps of taking a photo, processing and re-touching with Photoshop and finally on to presentation. It starts off right with the basics of taking care of your camera and shooting tips, then moves through a work flow that covers organizing and processing images before presentation."
--staff writer,