Rickford Grant

Rickford Grant, author of Linux for Non-Geeks and Linux Made Easy (both No Starch Press), has been a computer operating system maniac for more than 20 years. From his earliest days with his Atari XL600 to his present Linux machines, he has been the guy at the other end of the computer help line for family, friends and colleagues. Now making his home in Raritan, N.J., Rickford spends his working hours as a teacher, and his free time cycling along the Delaware & Raritan Canal or annoying his neighbors with his Nyckelharpa (Swedish key fiddle) playing.

Ubuntu for Non-Geeks Ubuntu for Non-Geeks (No Starch)
by Rickford Grant
Second Edition June 2007

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks (No Starch)
by Rickford Grant
August 2006

"An informative book for Ubuntu beginners."
--Dartagnon Miller, ChicagoRuby.org

"The book and Ubuntu CD can make it simple and affordable for many computer users to see what much of the hype and hoopla over Linux is all about — and then decide, from first-hand experience, if they want to join in or not."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"Ubuntu Made Easy would be a great gift for a person curious about switching to Linux...Whether you’re a novice Ubuntu user who already has Precise Pangolin installed, or are just contemplating making the switch, there’s plenty of material in Ubuntu Made Easy to help you become a proficient Linux user."
--Fridtjof, AKA Matt Paddock, GameVortex Communications

"Ubuntu Made Easy is a good book that uses a different and refreshing approach to what could otherwise have been very dry material."
--Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today

"A fast-paced, topic-centric and stress free introduction to Ubuntu for Linux newcomers, this is definitely the Ubuntu book you should be getting your parents - its clarity and comprehensiveness make it a remarkable introduction to the subject, this is a delightful book for the budding penguinista."
--Federico Lucifredi, Amazon.com

"An excellent introduction to the extremely popular Ubuntu distribution with perfect pedagogy for the Linux novice. I recommend it highly for its intended audience."
--Ira Laefsky, Amazon.com

"I found Ubuntu for Non-Geeks a valuable guide for the user who wants to explore this version of Linux. It gives the prospective user enough information to get rolling, and points him or her in the right direction to explore Ubuntu to whatever depth is desired."
--Paul Madarasz, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society, May 2011, Volume 29, Number 5

"Clearly presented and aimed squarely at the non-technical end user, Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 4th Edition lands very much on target. "
--Fridtjof, GameVortex Communications AKA Matt Paddock, Game Vortex

"No Starch Press is a great supporter of Ubuntu—and Linux in general—and has brought Ubuntu for Non-Geeks to a new level of excellence with this edition. An exemplar of technical communication that maintains its focus on practicality."
--Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"Overall, if you are trying to learn Ubuntu, this book is a great resource. You will find it easy to read and understand and it will really assist you in your overall comprehension."
--Chris L., Dad of Divas

"Anyone wishing to quickly learn Ubuntu Linux will find this book extremely useful."
--Terry Wagner, HiTech Review

"The bottom line is that this is a good book for a non-Linux computer savvy person to learn and get up-to-speed with Ubuntu."
--Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today

"I would recommend this handy guidebook to anyone who wishes to explore this powerful Linux environment, and has basic familiarity with a MS Windows or Apple Macintosh PC. "
--Ira Laefsky, Amazon.com

"Ubuntu For Non-Geeks, Third Edition is one of the all-time best beginniner Linux books, and you'll get up and running with a minimum of frustration."
--Carla Schroder, Dietrich T. Schmitz & Associates

"Those who work through the projects should come out as competent Linux users well equipped to expand their respective knowledge of Linux."
--Major Keary, Linux and Open Source SIG

"This is a book Grant went over with care to make sure that it would appeal to the new and "repeat" reader alike...I highly recommend picking up this text if you've never used Ubuntu before."
--James Pyles, CertForums

"Non-geeks will find that even doing geek-like things on Ubuntu Linux is not as hard as they once imagined. In fact, with books like this in the hands of non-geeks, the lines of distinction between geeks and non-geeks might just begin to blur!"
--Sandra Henry-Stocker, ITworld

"With its project-based approach to building the reader's knowledge, this book is truly a guidebook. In fact, it should almost become required reading to use Ubuntu. "
--James F. Koopmann, Linux.com

"Ubuntu for Non-Geeks is an excellent beginner's guide to the current version of Ubuntu...I have no hesitation in recommending the second edition of Ubuntu for Non-Geeks to anyone who asks for advice on a good text for Linux novices."
--Major Keary, Book News