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Christopher Schmitt

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Austin, Texas

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  • web standards
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  • information architecure
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Christopher Schmitt is the founder of Heat Vision, a small new media publishing and design firm, based in Cincinnati, OH. An award-winning web designer who has been working with the Web since 1993, Christopher interned for both David Siegel and Lynda Weinman in the mid 90's while he was an undergraduate at Florida State University working on a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on Graphic Design. Afterwards, he earned a Masters in Communication for Interactive and New Communication Technologies while obtaining a graduate certificate in Project Management from FSU's College of Communication.

He is the author of CSS Cookbook, which was named Best Web Design Book of 2006, and one of the first books that looked at CSS-enabled designs, Designing CSS Web Pages (New Riders). He is also the co-author of Adapting to Web Standards (New Riders), Professional CSS (Wrox), Photoshop in 10 Steps or Less (Wiley) and Dreamweaver Design Projects (glasshaus) and contributed four chapters to XML, HTML, and XHTML Magic (New Riders). Christopher has also written for New Architect Magazine, A List Apart, Digital Web and Web Reference.

He is the list moderator for Babble, a mailing list community devoted to advanced web design and development topics. With the Web Standards Project, Christopher helps co-lead the Adobe Task Force while contributing to its Education Task Force.

On his personal web site, Christopher shows his true colors and most recent activities. He is 6'7" and doesn't play professional basketball but wouldn't mind a good game of chess.

HTML5 Cookbook HTML5 Cookbook
by Kyle Simpson, Christopher Schmitt
November 2011
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

CSS Cookbook CSS Cookbook
by Christopher Schmitt
Third Edition December 2009
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

Releasing CSS Releasing CSS
by Christopher Schmitt
November 2006

CSS Cookbook CSS Cookbook
by Christopher Schmitt
August 2004

Webcast: HTML5 Design
December 15, 2011
In this workshop presented by Christopher Schmitt focused on real world solutions, attendees will learn about the new HTML elements and their semantics, HTML5 form elements, incorporate audio and video without Flash, new JavaScript API like geolocation...

Webcast: Adaptive Images in Responsive Web Design
July 24, 2012
In this webcast session presented by Christopher Schmitt, we will work through tips and tricks to develop future friendly images in our sites and apps.

"A useful and comprehensive reference for web coders of all stripes."
--Barbara Jungwirth, Technical Communication, Volume 58, Number 4, November 2011

"Without a doubt, this book belongs in your library if you layout even the most simple site using CSS."
--Erik Vlietinck, IT Enquirer

"A 'must' for any CSS or web programmer's collection. "
--James A. Cox, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"The CSS Cookbook is a hefty tome, but it is both thorough and easy to read, making it a comprehensive guide to writing Cascading Style Sheets for beginning to intermediate coders. Schmitt has an engaging and encouraging style that will push anyone interested in using CSS to try the exercises and examples without fear of failure. The content is flexible in that you can choose to integrate CSS into your websites completely, or pick and choose from smaller packets of code."
--Angela Tate, San Francisco Book Review

"CSS Cookbook, 2nd Edition is laid out in typical O'Reilly "cookbook" format. A problem is presented, the best solution is provided, and then it is explained in detail, including alternative solutions. A complete listing of the necessary code and screen shot of its implementation in a Web browser are also part of each "recipe." A large appendix offers extremely useful lists and tables of CSS elements for HTML tags and which Web browsers they will work with...Every Web designer and developer who has to deal with XHMTL or CSS -- even if only infrequently -- should have this book on his desk. It deals with the difficult challenges that Web designers deal with every day and on every project. Even if you think you're a CSS guru, CSS Cookbook, 2nd Edition is still likely to teach you something new. I'd also strongly recommend this book for hobbyist Web designers who want to get into hand-coded XHTML and CSS, or who want to graduate from WYSIWYG Web editors to the real thing."
--Jem Matzan, The Jem Report

"I would highly recommend this book for the personal library for anyone who regularly uses CSS or plans to use CSS."
--Marcie Ridenour, TangoAngel: Philadelphia Area Computer Society

"How many times have you visited a website and thought to yourself, "Gee, that looks cool. I wonder how they do that?" Well, chances are this book can answer that question. The examples and solutions are pretty clear, which is good...This book serves a "I know what I want to do - how do I do it" purpose, and it does that well."
--Larry Hannay,

"I've often said that I like the O'Reilly "cookbook" format for getting ideas and solving issues I didn't know I had. CSS Cookbook (2nd edition) by Christopher Schmitt is another one of those books that will earn space on my shelf at work...It will either answer the "how do I do that" questions or spur the "I hadn't thought of doing that" moments."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"One of the strong points of the book is that it assumes no prior knowledge. This makes the book accessible to the general reader and makes it a not bad introduction to CSS selectors. The typical reader will skim or skip over the first quarter of the book. For the reader that has to handle a user base that is adopting IE 7, the books looks valuable. For others who are curious, it gives a sense of why making web pages work well across browsers. "
--PENLUG (Peninsula Linux Users Group)