Michal Zalewski


Michal Zalewski is an internationally recognized information security expert with a long track record of delivering cutting-edge research. He is credited with discovering hundreds of notable security vulnerabilities and frequently appears on lists of the most influential security experts. He is the author of Silence on the Wire (No Starch Press), Google’s Browser Security Handbook, and numerous important research papers.


The Tangled Web (No Starch) by Michal Zalewski November 2011
Silence on the Wire (No Starch) by Michal Zalewski April 2005


“[A] programmer wishing to hone skills to defend against predictable software failures will benefit from this introduction to the current state of software insecurity. Zalewski, a renowned white-hat hacker now on the security team at Google, is committed to security information sharing, and readers may profitably use this book as a launch point for further education on an increasingly complex topic.”
— Jennifer L. Bayuk, Computers & Security
“The book is an invaluable resource and provides a significant amount of information needed to write secure code for browsers. There is a huge amount of really good advice in this book, and for those that are building web applications, this is a book they should read.”
— Ben Rothke, Slashdot.org