Mary McRae

XMLgeek, entrepreneur, fiber artist.

  • @fiberartisan

Areas of Expertise:

  • standards development
  • sgml
  • xml
  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • structured information standards
  • document analysis
  • dtd development
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
Mary McRae is the Director of Technical Committee Administration for OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, and as such provides front-line support for OASIS committees and the standards they produce. She works with OASIS TC chairs, guiding them through the OASIS technical process and helping them reach the goals and objectives of their charters. Mary also serves on the OASIS Technical Advisory Board. She joined the OASIS staff in 2004, but she has been an active member of the Consortium since 1995, serving on the OASIS Board of Directors in 1999. Mary became involved in structured markup languages in 1992, while working for Butterworth Legal Publishers, where she mastered the nuances of document analysis, DTD development, structured editors, and content management systems. Later, as Vice President of XML Solutions and Principal XML Technologist for DMSi, she used her skills at project management, needs analysis, requirements definition, product selection, schema development, application customization, and training to help clients avoid the pitfalls she encountered herself as an early adopter. Sandwiched in between, Mary was the Manager of Sales Support for Xyvision (now XyEnterprise), focusing on SGML/XML content management solutions. Mary is co-author of "Office 2003 XML" and a frequent speaker at industry conferences. In her spare time, Mary is a textile artist. She is based in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA.

Office 2003 XML Office 2003 XML
by Evan Lenz, Mary McRae, Simon St. Laurent
May 2004
Print: $44.99