Christopher Hunt

Class Action's Christopher Hunt has 22 years experience in the software development industry. Christopher has witnessed the PC birth and evolution, the mini and mainframe decline and the handheld computer revolution. He has developed software for all of these platforms with personal computing being the major focus.

Class Action was founded in 1995 by Christopher and has since developed a number of 'best of category' software products. These are Titan Class, made up of TZ Events, World, Itineraries, Converter and TravelSync, and ZenPlus, the application framework for Palm OS software development.

Class Action has also delivered an innovative service named MyTimeTraveler. MyTimeTraveler is an implementation of Titan Class technologies using the internet as a platform. Titan Class on the Net is licensable and delivered using highly portable Java technology.

Christopher lives by the beach with his wife and two children near Sydney in Australia.