Andrew Savikas

Andrew Savikas

CEO at Safari Books Online

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Andrew Savikas is the CEO at Safari Books Online. He sits on several boards, including the Book Industry Study Group, and is on advisory boards for Bookshare and the University of Michigan Press.

Previously, Andrew led the digital publishing and ebook program and strategy for O'Reilly Media as VP of Digital Initiatives, and was a Program Chair for the Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston. He speaks frequently on digital publishing and ebooks, and is also the author of "Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text".

Word Hacks Word Hacks
by Andrew Savikas
November 2004
Print: $24.95
Ebook: $19.99

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