Christopher Gerg

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Christopher Gerg – CISSP, CHSP is the Information Security Director for Inacom Information Systems. His IT career started with phone technical support for Microsoft’s launch of Windows 95 and his MCSE dates back to NT 3.51. He’s worked as a system and network administrator and has traveled extensively installing WANs and infrastructure for a variety of clients. Five years ago things changed; Christopher discovered open source operating systems (FreeBSD, Debian, and Suse are his favorites) and he’s spent three years as a penetration tester and then transitioned from “attack” to “defend” for the two years. Christopher was responsible for the network security of two Enterprise-class datacenters, the customers located in them, and the network infrastructure that connects it all (Multiple OC-48 SONET rings and multiple OC-3’s to the Internet). He used Snort to watch it all. He’s now the director of a team of outstanding engineers, helping customers prioritize their security spending. He is a coauthor of Managing Security with Snort & IDS Tools.

In his free time, Christopher raises rugged mountain alpacas in the wind-swept mountains of South-Central Wisconsin.