Carla Schroder

Carla Schroder


Carla Schroder is a self-taught Linux and Windows sysadmin who laid hands on her first computer around her 37th birthday. Her first PC was a Macintosh LC II. Next came an IBM clone--a 386SX running MS-DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 with a 14-inch color display--which was adequate for many pleasant hours of Doom play. Then around 1997 she discovered Red Hat 5.0 and had a whole new world to explore.

Somewhere along the way she found herself doing freelance consulting for small businesses and home users, supporting both Linux and Windows users and integrating Linux and Windows on the LAN, primarily Linux servers and Windows clients. She is the author of the Linux Cookbook for O'Reilly, and writes Linux how-tos for several computer publications.

Carla is living proof that you're never too old to try something new; computers are a heck of a lot of fun; and anyone can learn to do anything. Visit for more Carla stuff.




“...a friendly and direct, information-packed and ego-free writing style. Unlike the typical how-to that provides a list of steps that have worked for the author, Carla's discussions fill in the blanks and tell you why she takes the steps that she does.”
— Dean R. Pannell,
“By picking up this book and keeping it close to hand, you'll have a fantastic resource that will see you through a lot of the real essentials for a small to medium sized enterprise network, without any need to doubt the material's validity. It's written with a positive air and a sensible approach so I'm happy to say that the Linux Networking Cookbook will remain on my desk, well thumbed, for many years to come.”
— Alistair J. Ross, Edinburgh Perl Mongers
“This book is just right for the person like myself who enjoys learning by getting hands-on experience with the technology. The scope is wide and so someone with a great depth of networking experience may find that the treatments of each is a bit shallow. On the other hand, that wide scope means this book may hold something new, even for someone with some level of experience.”
— JR Peck, Slashdot
“If what you want is a clear guide to using Linux open-source software to create solutions for such common network requirements as creating a Linux-based Wi-Fi access point or modem server, using SSH (Secure Shell) for network management or making a firewall, this book is for you. It is one of the best practical guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading on making real-world answers to Linux networking requirements. ”
— Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Linux-Watch