Harry Fuecks

Harry Fuecks has worked in corporate IT since 1994. He is currently the lead developer of a corporate extranet, an active participant in SitePoint's rich PHP community, and the driving force behind phpPatterns.com.

"The PHP Anthology is perfect for someone like me -- as well as professional programmers who look for code wherever they can find it to simplify their lives...Recommended for more experienced webmasters, as well as professional programmers."
--Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today

"Overall, this new edition of The PHP Anthology offers practical solutions to many common PHP problems, clear explanations of those solutions, and working code — in print and online — that can be quickly used as is or modified as needed. PHP developers should find this book an informative and valuable part of their technical library. "
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot.org