Adam Goldstein

Adam Goldstein

Entrepreneur and author

San Francisco, California

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Adam Goldstein got his programming start in Kindergarten, when he first played around with Logo on an old Apple II. From there, he started GoldfishSoft, a shareware company that made games and utilities for Macs. Adam was a technical editor for O'Reilly's best-selling Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, and an editor for Mac OS X Panther Power User. He also wrote AppleScript: The Missing Manual in high school. He attended MIT, where he graduated with dual S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. He was also on the debate team, where he won the North American championship. The day after graduation in 2010, Adam co-founded Hipmunk, the service that takes the agony out of planning travel. He sold Hipmunk in 2017 to Concur.

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  • Travel industry
  • entrepreneurship
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“As usual with Missing Manuals books, there is an excellent Index, and the book is illustrated liberally with screenshots. Selling at the modest price of $24.95 for a 508 page book, Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual is a must-have for anyone making the Windows to Mac transition. It will smooth the way immensely by omitting needless confusion and potential frustration. It will also prove a treat for Windows users who may not be familiar with best-selling Mac author David Pogue's delightfully witty and conversational prose style.”
— Charles Moore, AppleLinks
“Are you a long time Windows user that is new to the Mac? Perhaps you are a long-time Mac user that is thinking of running Windows on your new Intel-powered Mac? In either of these cases, Switching to the Mac is a great book to read. Surprisingly, I also found it a good book for Mac users that have no interest in Windows...Many people would not think of reading a computer book as a fun activity, but "Switching to the Mac" was certainly both entertaining and informative. I'd recommend this title to anyone who wanted to understand the Mac better.”
— Brian Oldham,
“The authors introduce the Apple Macintosh OS to Windows users and show how to make the transition painlessly. The reader is shown how doing things on the Mac relate to how they were done in Windows; how to replicate Windows applications on the Mac; how to move data and resources from Windows to the Mac; and more.”
— Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing
“If you are thinking about switching from MS Windows, this book will be a indispensable guide to have with you. It will keep you covered from plugging in your Mac to shutting it down. Some of it you can figure out intuitively by using the Mac, and if you consider yourself to be a 'computer geek', this book might not benefit you as much as it would a novice or intermediate. With that being said, I consider myself an novice-expert, and the transferring email section was extremely helpful for me. For anyone looking to switch from Windows to OS X, this is the first book I recommend.”
— Jonathan Cost,