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Elisabeth Robson

Internet technology expert, technology manager, author

Seattle, Washington

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Elisabeth first got hooked on computers when she wrote a BASIC program to fill up her Commodore 64's monitor screen full of hearts. She's loved getting computers to do fun things ever since. She's tinkered with everything from super computers to her iPhone, and she's been programming the Web since the early days, when she built one of the first online resources for women in technology. Along with her many years of programming experience, Elisabeth has produced online training, and written four best-selling books and an online video course for O'Reilly Media (Head First Design Patterns, Head First HTML and CSS, Head First JavaScript Programming, Head First HTML5 Programming, and Learn to Build iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). She is currently co-founder and principal at WickedlySmart, an education content and technology company.




Webcast: 10 things every web developer, designer (and manager) should know about HTML5 December 02, 2011 In this webcast we'll give you a 45 minute jumpstart on this new technology and everything you need to know when you walk into your next staff meeting and the subject comes up.


“I would recommend this volume for anyone seeking to deeply understand the basics of web page layout and formatting, it also forms a solid background for more advanced Web Programming topics and it explains enough of what is going on on the server and the network to support further study.”
— Ira Laefsky, Amazon.com
Head First HTML5 Programming is a good book if you know HTML, CSS and at least a little Javascript.”
— Stefan Mischook, Killersites.com
“After reading Head First Design Patterns cover to cover, I don't think I could point to another book that is better tailored to my (and I hope your) kind of thinking. I've already used several of the chapters to help out with specific projects. Don't let the fact that this book is aimed at Java Developers. You can just as easily apply it's contents to C++ or any other object oriented language. Heck, I've even implemented some of the patterns in plain-old ANSI-C (i.e., a non-OO language), with great results (there are many books out there on how to implement objects in a non-OO language). If you are doing much code development, either as a student, hobbyist or professional, I can't recommend this book highly enough.”
— Chris Parker, Amazon.com
“A pleasant, somewhat goofy alternative.”
— Andrew Binstock, Dr. Dobbs
“If you work with any class-based OOP languages (AS3, C#, etc.) you must read this book.”
— Michael James Williams, Activetuts+
“Ultimately if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but wish to update your skill set then this is definitely a book you should place on your holiday, birthday, Amazon wish list. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed.”
— Mikel King, JAFDIP
“A excellent book for coders interested in learning HTML5 in a quick, memorable, and practical way. ”
— Armando Roggio, eCommerce Developer
“Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Robson have done the community a great favor with the addition of Head First HTML5 Programming. If you are a designer or product manager or backend engineer (though as the latter you will have to get past the less serious tone you may be accustomed to) then this book is for you...Its really hard to write a book for the complete newbie yet remain technically accurate. The authors have done this and more. Let the shared understanding grow. Highly recommended.”
— Bill Scott, Looks Good Works Well
“If you’ve been wondering about the new features in HTML5, this book is a good introduction. The authors have stuck to the parts of HTML5 that are pretty well defined, and stayed away from those parts of the standard that are still changing. The Head First style presents you with the material from many different angles, which helps to make sure that your brain holds onto it. One of my daughters is interested in web programming. She needs just a little more CSS learning and then she’ll be ready to step up to dynamic HTML / HTML5. When she is, I’ll be handing her a copy of this book.”
— Ted Leung, Ted Leung on the Air/Sauria.com
Head First HTML5 Programming advertises that it will promises to help “load HTML5 and JavaScript straight into your brain,” and it seems to start doing that right after you open its pages — as long as you keep an open mind about using a programming book that is actually enjoyable and fun to read while it instructs.”
— Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions
“You'll get a book that focuses on helping you "get" HTML5 and helping you not to forget what you learned...I highly recommend this book. It is aimed to help you learn, have fun while you're learning, and to help you retain this knowledge so you can go out there and do great HTML5 stuff.”
— John Wetherbie, JavaRanch
“I'm still very much a novice when it comes to web developer, but was able to make it through the first few chapters without much trouble. Once I got deeper into the book, however, I decided to switch over to O'Reilly's Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML for a refresher course. With that knowledge firmly in my head, I was able to get through the rest of the book without much outside research. By the time I got to the new tags, I started figuring out steps well before they were introduced in the book. I don't recommend jumping ahead in any chapters - even if you already know it - but it is the best testament possible for the book's methods. They work.”
— Ricky Tucker, Game Vortex
Head First HTML5 Programming is a great book! For being a teaching book its very effective and is a much more interesting read than most tech teaching books are...The book is very entertaining to read as well and because of the subtle use of repetition, I found myself not having to refer back as much because I actually remembered the information...I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at doing any type of web development or even WebOS development too, as it uses many of the HTML5 concepts which are taught in the book.”
— Editor of AnythingButApple, AnythingButApple
“...an entertaining yet instructive and compelling tutorial on how beginners can learn to use many of the advanced new techniques in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”
— Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot.org
“The authors have hit the nail on the head—JavaScript skills are the key to HTML5. Even if you've never written a JavaScript program before, they'll quickly get you up and running through a series of fun and practical projects.”
— David Powers
“This ain't your grandpa's DHTML! Head First HTML5 Programming paints a hopeful and confident picture of the future of the Web through HTML5, while empowering you to code your own ticket there. If you're seeking a definitive, accessible, and at times pretty funny guidebook to this standard, look no further.”
— Manny Otto
“Straightforward, informative and entertaining, Head First HTML5 Programming is a must for anyone wanting to get started with HTML5 or just to refresh their skills. The Head First series helps me to keep my technical skills up to date allowing me to better support my developers and projects.”
— Todd Guill
“HTML5 is the hottest new technology for website development. Developers far and wide can’t wait to put it to use to build flexible, rich media websites that also work great on tablets and smart phones. Head First HTML5 Programming is the best and funnest way to feed this exciting new technology to your brain. I highly recommend it!”
— Marianne Marck
“With Head First HTML5 Programming, the multiplicity of HTML5 is approached with a multiplicity in the medium that makes the hard work of learning fun.”
— Ward Cunningham
“HTML5 is a cake with many layers of technologies. Head First HTML5 Programming bakes that cake, and then throws it at your face. You will consume deliciousness and rejoice. ”
— Josh Rhoades