Manni Wood

Manni Wood's first taste of a real operating system was IBM's Unix variant, AIX, in 1994. It was a revelation. By the time a year had gone by, Manni had installed Slackware Linux on an old PC, was responsible for creating web sites, using Perl, at the newspaper company he worked for, and had Web Applications Programmer as a job title.

Ten years later, Manni is still in love with the Unix way of doing things. But now, instead of making Perl/CGI-based web sites for a newspaper company in Toronto, Manni leads teams at a Boston advertising company in building Java-based, database-backed web sites for clients like General Motors and FedEx.

As an antidote to using his head all day at work, Manni uses his feet in his social life: he's been a regular in Boston's swing dancing scene for over six years.