Curt Hibbs

Curt Hibbs

Curt Hibbs has always been slightly obsessed with new technologies and tracking technology trends. But he will tell you that this is simply because he is lazy, always looking for new methods and technologies to make his work easier and more productive. This led to his discovery of Ruby in 2001 (when it was still relatively unknown outside of Japan) and to his founding several highly successful Ruby open source projects.

For most of his professional career Curt has been a consultant to well-known companies like Hewlett Packard, Intuit, Corel, WordStar, Charles Schwab, Vivendi Universal, and more. He has also been a principal in several startups. Curt now works as a Senior Software Engineer for The Boeing Company in St. Louis.

Rails on Windows Rails on Windows
by Curt Hibbs, Brian P. Hogan
June 2009

The Art of Lean Software Development The Art of Lean Software Development
by Curt Hibbs, Steve Jewett, Mike Sullivan
January 2009
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $31.99

Rails: Up and Running Rails: Up and Running
by Lance Carlson, Curt Hibbs
Second Edition October 2008
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

Ruby on Rails: Up and Running Ruby on Rails: Up and Running
by Curt Hibbs
August 2006
Ebook: $23.99

"It is the very best summary of current Software Engineering that can be read in a few hours. "
--Ira Laefsky,

"If you are a manager who is considering moving to a more focused software development model and is wondering if "lean" is for you and your company, it wouldn't hurt to have your first introduction to Lean software development be The Art of Lean Software Development: A Practical and Incremental Approach."
--James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees

"This to-the-point, practical book on applying lean principles to software development is a excellent addition to the research of the known authors in understanding and implementing lean software engineering. This book will give you insight into the lean software practices that will enhance any software process."
--Ted Davis, Software Engineering Functional Manager, The Boeing Company

"This book presents Lean practices in a clear and concise manner so the reader is motivated to make their software more reliable and less costly to maintain. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy to follow guide to transform how the developer views the process of writing good software."
--Bryan Wells, Boeing I&SS Mission System

"Overall, I give the book high marks. The book is excellent for anyone just getting into Rails development or looking for and end-to-end overview of the framework."
--Carter Rabasa, cubanlinks

"This book offers a lightning-fast introduction to the Rails framework by walking you through the development of a sample slideshow web application. While the application development is scripted, it demonstrates how quickly you can build non-trivial web applications in Rails. Plus, the book can easily be read over a weekend while working with the sample code."
--Tim Kuntz,