Glenn Letham

Glenn Letham

Glenn Letham is the founder, Managing Editor, and "Geo-evangelist" at & Spatial Media LLC. Glenn has a background in Geography and is somewhat of a "Jack of all trades" albeit with a geospatial & GIS focus. Most people think of Glenn as a technology editor, however, he's also a skilled writer, moderator, blogger, and technology evangelist. His areas of expertise are mainly in GIS, mobile positioning, location-based services, and development for the Symbian Mobile operating system. Founding several web properties has provided Glenn with experience in developing for WEB 2.0, marketing, public relations, writing, and "shmoozing" - people recognize him as "the guy who travels all the time", this comes about from his passion for blogging and mo-blogging while attending events. Glenn has attended more than 80 industry trade shows, conferences, and tech. events over the past 8 years taking him to cool places like Orlando, N'Orleans, Vancouver, Helsinki, Paris, London, Munich, and Monaco.

Some of the coolest places Glenn has been are:
- circumnavigating the Queen Charlotte Islands on a research vessel
- heli skiing the Purcel Mountains in the Canadian Rockies (B.C)
- the great barrier reef & Great Keppel Island (Australia)
- Long Beach, North Island, New Zealand
- Fiji during typhoon season!

Places on Glenn's list of things to do:
- Visit New York and ride the Staten Island Ferry
- Boston and go to Fenway field to see a Sox/Yankees series
- Moscow... always wanted to go there!
- Dubai... why wouldn't anyone want to go there?
- Fiji again but with his wife this time (and no kids!)

Glenn also would like to get his Masters degree one day, perhaps get the GISP designation, and write a book.

You can check out his work at the following web resources: