James E. Gaskin

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James E. Gaskin has been solving computer and network problems for businesses small and large since 1984. He also writes books, articles, and jokes about technology and real life. In 16 books and hundreds of articles, network consultant Gaskin tells people faster, cheaper, newer, and smarter ways to connect to each other and the world. He also maintains the site for his newest book, Talk Is Cheap.

As a speaker, Gaskin travels the country in Hawaiian shirts helping people laugh at their IT pain while teaching them new ways to put technology to work. In venues such as Network World Technology Tours and seminars at leading industry conventions such as Networld + InterOp, Gaskin delivers objective information stripped of marketing hype in his trademark "unbiased and unboring" style.

When avoiding computers, Gaskin plays classical chamber music on the violin and tennis (but not at the same time) in the Dallas area.

All official bio BS aside, feel free to talk back, argue, and tell me I'm stupid. If you have facts on your side, I may even agree. But I have a teenage daughter and son, so just telling me I'm wrong won't make an impression (I hear that all the time, because I'm married, too). Show me facts I've missed and contradict me with some wit and cleverness, and we'll have a great time.

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