Andrew Dunstan

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Andrew Dunstan works for a small consulting and software company in the Triangle area of North Carolina, and contributes to PostgreSQL as an enthusiastic hobbyist as well as a sometime professional user. In addition to creating the PostgreSQL Buildfarm, he has contributed to PostgreSQL in these areas, among others:

  • Ability to use CIDR netmasks in the pg_hba.conf configuration file
  • Complete rewrite of initdb, pg_config, and pg_ctl programs in C; previously these were long shell scripts (change required for Windows port)
  • Vastly improved PL/Perl server-side programming language
  • Regression test fixes to support Windows port
  • New SQL quoting mechanism ("dollar quoting")
  • Ability to log disconnections
  • Ability to tag each log line with useful, configurable information
  • Ability to read and write Comma Separated Variable files
  • Revised and improved TCP/IP and Virtual Hosting configuration
  • Improvements in related PostgreSQL Autodoc utility
  • Code to assist Bugzilla project to support PostgreSQL
  • Establishing and administering pgFoundry site for related community projects