Guy Hart-Davis


Guy Hart-Davis is the author of Windows XP and Office 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts, Mac OS X and Office v.X Keyboard Shortcuts, Word 2000 Developer's Handbook, and about 30 other computer books.



“A must have for all Vista users...The tutorials in this book are easy to follow, the screenshots help guide you along without feeling lost at anytime in this book, and both the beginner and expert can benefit from a copy of Windows Vista Accelerated. I thoroughly enjoyed going through this book and will keep my copy on my desk for reference.”
— Gregory West, Sarnia Computer Users’ Group, SCUG Report, May 2009 - Vol 26 Issue 8
“Hart-Davis has been writing about computers, Windows, and widely-used programs for 15-plus years, and is the author of several books and an online newsletter...Illustrated throughout with full-color, crisp screenshots and graphics. ”
— Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News
“This is a well organized and highly illustrated guide to Vista. I have already found several features I didn't know Vista had...”
— Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor