Jürgen Gulbins

Jürgen Gulbins has extensive experience in writing, technology, desktop publishing, designing ihg-end document archival systems, and digital photography. He is a prolific author who has written and translated books on topics such as CAD, Unix, DTP, typolography, Internet, document management, Linux, and various aspects of digital photography. He has been a passionate photographer most of his life.

Fine Art Printing for Photographers Fine Art Printing for Photographers (Rocky Nook)
by Jürgen Gulbins, Uwe Steinmüller
Second Edition April 2008

Fine Art Printing for Photographers Fine Art Printing for Photographers (Rocky Nook)
by Jürgen Gulbins, Uwe Steinmüller
Second Edition April 2008

Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Photoshop Lightroom Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Photoshop Lightroom (Rocky Nook)
by Uwe Steinmüller, Jürgen Gulbins
November 2007

Fine Art Printing for Photographers Fine Art Printing for Photographers (Rocky Nook)
by Uwe Steinmüller, Jürgen Gulbins
October 2006

"This book is essential for learning, teaching and reference. I'm going to have this book with me at all times...I can not recommend this book highly enough."
--John Nemerovski, Pixiq

"If you want to develop a high quality workflow based on a solid foundation, then I can very highly recommend The Digital Photography Workflow HandBook."
--T. Michael Testi, The Seattle PI Reader Blogs

"This book is like a beautifully arranged and well ordered encyclopedia. I would recommend that especially for someone new to the field as a purchase that is well worth the $50 price because it could easily enable the book’s owner to avoid having to purchase a small library of other more details subject oriented books."
--Gordon Cook, Cook's Collaborative Edge

"If you are planning to buy your first camera and take up photography, Digital Photography from the Ground Up can be the apt guide for you...The book is not only a comprehensive guide on digital photography, but it is also well-illustrated with photos and graphics."
--Samira Sukhija, Better Photography

"Working through Digital Photography from the Ground Up won't likely transform you into a pro, but it will certainly equip you with the knowledge you need in order to embark upon a rewarding journey into digital photography. "
--Jennifer Bogart, Blogcritics

"This book opened some additional doors for me as to getting far more out of my camera than I had considered. I found Photographic Multishot Techniques to be easily understood and the examples used quite valuable in explaining how to perform specific procedures...Photographic Multishot Techniques is a book for those, like me, that find te subject matter fascinating and want to produce images just a little head of the curve."
--Dennis Hays, X=blog

"Time and time again images fail because they are not sharp, or properly light in the areas they need to be, but this new book will help you fix those problems for good. Every step is fully illustrated along with all of the tools needed and their settings used so there is also no guesswork about any of it."
--Paul W. Faust, Impressions of Light

"There is a LOT of information in this book, and it is well-illustrated when necessary. Basic color theory is presented, as well as discussions on color spaces, gamut, and other terms relating to printing. If you are doing high quality fineart printing for selling your images, this book should be a must-read for you, even if you have a printing setup already. But if you are just breaking into the field, it should be your first step prior to investing in quipment, to ensure you get what you need to produce the products you wish."
--Tanya Mattson, Librarian, Computer Users of Erie, Horizons, Volume 27, Number 3, March 2009

"Advanced photographers who need to push beyond the capabilities of the single image will find this book interesting and useful. "
--Conrad J. Obregon, Amazon.com

"Deepen your photographic involvement. Buy this book. Read it thoroughly, making notes on relevant material. Embrace Digital Photography from the Ground Up."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"Overall, this groundbreaking book will point certain photographers in directions they have imagined, but never knew how to proceed. This brief summary does not do justice to the authors and their tutorials. Buy this title for a friend, then borrow it for yourself when you see it collecting dust on his or her shelf. It's a winner."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"This is not for the faint of heart however; if you are seriously looking to improve the quality of your prints whether for personal reasons or for sale, add this book to your library as a comprehensive resource and guide."
--SNAG, MacTracks July/August 2008

"This is a good book. It contains more information than most people want. When it comes to color management, most people just want their pictures to look good. Fine Art Printing for Photographers is for the others who need truer colors."
--Barry Hayes, November 2008 NVMU eNewsletter

"For those of you just starting out in digital photography or those interested in making the switch from film, Digital Photography from the Ground Up by Juergen Gulbins does an excellent job of covering the basics, ranging from storage cards to image output options."
--Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayMagazine

"Digital Photography from the Ground Up is a book that will help anyone, regardless of experience, to take better digital photographs. More than that, it will help your digital photos look more professional. If you only buy one book on digital photography to help you take better pictures, this needs to be the one. "
--Warren Kelly, Blogcrititcs Magazine

"Gulbins, who has been a noted professional photographer for most of his life, shows novices how to progress beyond the owner's manual by going over the basic principles and techniques in digital photography. Through colorful illustrations and graphics, the author offers practical guidance in how to choose the right camera, and balances that information with more artistic concepts such as composition. "
--Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"The level of detail combined with the breadth of topics is very impressive...I recommend [this book] to anyone serious about getting into fine art printing or improving their prints."
--John Watson, PhotoDoto

"Fine Art Printing for Photographers continues to be the best overall book on fine art printing. This is not a rehash of a printer manual nor is it just a glossy overview of printing topics. This is a fairly technical yet easily readable book about how to get the best out of your prints."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"This "ground up" guide to digital photography will help the novice photographer get started with a firm foundation in understanding the principals and techniques of modern photography. It will also guide the more experienced photographer through the transition from analog to digital photography."
--Joe Dolittle, Connected Photographer

"If you want to take your use of Lightroom to the next level, Managing Your Photographic Workflow With Photoshop Lightroom should find its way to your bookshelf."
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine