Satya Komatineni

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Satya Komatineni is the CTO at Indent, Inc.. Satya is the author of Aspire, an open source web development RAD tool for J2EE/XML. He has also published so far with, XML Journal, Java Report, and Java Developers Journal. Satya's current research includes Java, J2EE, XML,Relational Databases, Frameworks, SVG, Web Charting, Universal IDEs, Universal Data Tiers, Transformational languages (JSP, XSL, awk), Better software architectures (JUnit, JCommand). Satya holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from IIT, New Delhi, 1986, and has worked and consulted extensively in pursuing distributed, component based, OO solutions for the IT industry. The companies consulted with include IBM, Millipore, CSX, Ryder, Bax Global, Harland.