Kenneth C. Feldt

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Ken Feldt is a systems engineer and software developer with background in bit-slice raster image processor design, real-time process control, USB development, digital video workflow, and consumer-grade video authoring techniques. He holds undergraduate degrees in electronics engineering technology and an MBA in marketing from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

On the technical side, Ken work with various XML applications for science and engineering, currently building a business utilizing XUL and SVG to facilitate technical communications. His broader focus includes exploitation of various XML vocabularies to move the IT world more closely to the disciplines of science and the arts.

He enjoys public speaking (once competing in a humorous speech contest for Toastmasters International and actually winning a few rounds), and takes particular pleasure in the ‘old world’ skills of oratory, rhetoric, and creative writing.

Ken’s writing objectives focus on topics that help experienced engineers and software developers ramp up on new technologies, always trying to look at things from the perspective of the subject matter novice.

Ken also takes an interest in following the trail of how new technologies affect the social and industrial fabric of communities, and he is fully engaged in studying how innovation and entrepreneurship are both required in order to drive successful new business models.