Andrew Sheppard

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Andrew Sheppard


After earning a first-class honor's degree in astrophysics, Andrew made the mistake of going on to earn higher degrees: a master's in astronomical technology at Edinburgh University (UK) and a master's in business administration at the London Business School (UK). This period of time and that which followed was punctuated with work as a scientific researcher at Oxford University, as a software developer, and later, as a "Rocket Scientist" at Bankers Trust Company in the financial square mile of the city of London, as well as in New York and Tokyo.

A lot of heartache and financial anguish could have been avoided throughout had he become what is clearly the optimal career choice for anyone anywhere: a master plumber. Nowhere on the planet is there a poor or unemployed master plumber! Too late to correct past follies, Andrew now makes his living consulting on Wall Street and writing software, books, and magazine articles.

Andrew teaches Bitcoin and Big Data as a part-time professor on the highly ranked Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) program at Baruch College in New York.