Kim Hamilton

Seattle, Washington

Learning UML 2.0 Learning UML 2.0
by Russell Miles, Kim Hamilton
April 2006
Print: $54.99
Ebook: $46.99

"Overall the authors do a good job explaining the various components of UML (such as use cases; activity, class, object, sequence, communication, and timing diagrams for example)...Overall, the book is well written and easy to understand."
--Nick Bulitka,

"Miles and Hamilton use a conversational approach to introduce the reader to UML 2.0, and they build on a model that makes sense...All too often, it seems like UML diagrams are just thrown at the reader one after another, and there's no real explanation as to how it all fits together. Fortunately, that's not the case here, as the model framework for their tutorial puts everything in the right relationship to each other...I would say that if you have this book coupled with a full UML 2.0 reference manual of some sort, you'd be pretty well set to do most anything you'd need to in the world of UML."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings