Linda Mui

Linda Mui started working for O'Reilly Media, Inc. in 1986. She was first hired as a production assistant, later became an apprentice system administrator, and now is a writer. Her first writing job was for termcap and terminfo, which she co-authored with John Strang and Tim O'Reilly. She also wrote Pick BASIC, on programming applications for Pick systems. In between writing jobs, Linda works on troff macros and tools for the O'Reilly Media, Inc. production staff. Linda was raised in the Bronx, New York and now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lately she has been trying to improve herself by learning how to swim, play billiards, and accessorize.

WYNTK: UNIX System Admininistrator WYNTK: UNIX System Admininistrator
by Linda Mui
April 1995
Print: $29.99

X User Tools X User Tools
by Linda Mui, Valerie Quercia
December 1994

X Windows System Administrator's Guide, Vol 8 X Windows System Administrator's Guide, Vol 8
by Linda Mui, Eric Pearce
October 1992

termcap and terminfo termcap and terminfo
by John Strang, Linda Mui, Tim O'Reilly
April 1988
Print: $29.95