Brad Hinkel

Brad Hinkel is an experimental photographer, software designer and teacher. He combines chemistry & digital technology, silver & ink, film & tin cans to produce images of the common and the unusual. Brad was instrumental in developing the digital photography programs at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and the Photographic Center Northwest. He continues to teach a wide range of digital photography courses. He has recently completed three books on digital photography: 'The Focal Easy Guide to Photoshop CS2', 'Digital Negatives' and ... 'Color Management for Photographers'.

Color Management in Digital Photography Color Management in Digital Photography (Rocky Nook)
by Brad Hinkel
December 2006

"I find this book to be very helpful to photographers struggling with complex procedures to produce good prints of images captured by the camera."
--Veronica Primeaux, Austin Adobe Users Group

"This is a worthwhile book to read especially if you are new to the “color management” issue. The background information concerning the reasons for the need for color management are interesting and the specific recommendations are helpful."
--Saguaro Camera Club