Cody Fauser

Cody Fauser is currently CTO of Ottawa based Shopify, the best e-commerce solution on the web. He is responsible for ensuring that Shopify is a robust, world-class platform for over 5,000 online businesses.

Cody is the lead author of Rails in a Nutshell, and contributed to Advanced Rails Recipes. He also wrote RJS Templates for Rails and the PeepCode ActiveMerchant PDF. Cody enjoys participating in Open Source projects and is the sole maintainer of ActiveMerchant, the most popular payment processing library for Ruby.

Cody currently lives in Buenos Aires with his wife Maria and son Simón. You can check out his blog at Cody Fauser and follow him on Twitter at

RJS Templates for Rails RJS Templates for Rails
by Cody Fauser
June 2006
Ebook: $9.99

"RJS Templates for Rails is a really quick read that does a good job of getting you started with using RJS and the JavaScriptGenerator API. It starts with a very simple example program that you can have up and running in a matter of minutes. It continues with a slightly more in-depth example of an application that really uses some of the more interesting aspects of RJS including multi-element page updates with a single request."
--Geoff Lane, Zorched