David Balmain

David Balmain is a freelance software developer and the primary developer of the open source search library Ferret. He gained an interest in high performance text processing at university where he earned a BSc specializing in natural language processing. Recently he has taken an interest in web application development and become enamored with the scripting language Ruby.

Currently David resides with his girlfriend in 12 square meter apartment in Tokyo where he practices Judo five hours a day and is trying to learn Japanese.

Ferret Ferret
by David Balmain
March 2008
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $19.99

"There is an enormous amount of information on the Web about Ruby, but hardly anything about Ferret: a beginner-level programmer like me could never get along without a book like this."
--Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly

"The book gives an extremely clear and well laid out overview of installing and using the Ferret library, along with some very useful appendices on how to extend your indices to cover multiple document types. The book is certainly informative and, given that is is written by the creator of the Ferret library, exhaustive."
--Neil Davis, Amazon.co.uk