John Clark Craig

John Clark Craig

John Clark Craig's programming experiences and interests go back quite a ways. In 1974 he was programming a DEC PDP8E attached to a teletype and running a paper tape loaded version of FOCAL, a simple programming language similar to BASIC. Over the years, John programmed in just about every version of the BASIC language available, and authored several books on the subject along the way. During John's career as a full-time Software Engineer, he has worked on several fascinating energy and environmental projects. Currently, he's enjoying his software guru position working with a small team of bright R&D engineers as they create the next generation of high-tech self-erecting towers for the world's largest wind turbines.

Visual Basic 2005 Cookbook Visual Basic 2005 Cookbook
by Tim Patrick, John Clark Craig
September 2006
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99

"Visual Basic (VB) 2005 Cookbook is an excellent quick solution guide for common VB programming tasks beyond the standard or basic programming routines...The book is broken up into common sense sections and each section gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Each problem listed includes a brief description of what's to be accomplished and then provides code samples for actually completing the task. As a side benefit, the book is also available through the Safari system at the O'Reilly site. Having been in the computer industry for 20+ years, I've always found O'Reilly books to hit the mark when looking for information; VB 2005 Cookbook is no exception! I highly recommend this book. "
--Tim Polito, Chautaqua Cyber Club, Inc.

"This book has got something for everybody from beginners to advanced developers. It's got a lot of time saving solutions to the development problems that you will face. You can also call it a code library with good documented code that you can use in your development. It's the sort of book that can keep handy next to your workstation (you never know when you are in a fix and you need it or you can just pick it up to learn something new that you can use later)."
--MSS, Wellington Windows Mobile User Group

"The authors provide coding recipes for accomplishing many common tasks that can save programmers many hours of work. There are more than 300 recipes that Visual Basic programmers may encounter on a regular basis. Reusable code snippets can be downloaded so that readers can apply the examples that are described in detail in the book. Solutions cover a variety of programming topics, from string and number manipulations to animations, cryptography, and matrix transformations."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing