Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes, a Microsoft MVP, has nearly 25 years experience in the IT industry, including network management, systems analysis, and software development in Perl, Java, C++, and .NET. He's the founder of the Dayton .NET Developers Group and co-founder of the Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp. He's a frequent blogger and writes a weekly column for VisualStudioHacks.com.

Windows Developer Power Tools Windows Developer Power Tools
by James Avery, Jim Holmes
December 2006
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

"What I found most pleasing about this book, is the consistency in which it presents each topic for you. The authors has gone to great length to make it a flawless experience in reading this book and even though many has contributed to the content, the layout is flawlessly simple. A very easy read and a bookshelf essential! "
--Brian Madsen, .NET Powered by Caffeine

"Until reading this book, I did not realize how much productivity I stood to gain...When I first agreed to review this book I didn't know what I was really getting into. I expected a brief catalog of fairly standard, well-known tools which would only come as a surprise to fresh graduate. I expected I getting a small pocket-sized book which I could devour in one train ride. I could not have been more wrong. The book covers over 170 Open Source tools across a wide variety of development domains from Windows Forms and Web Development, to working with Databases and XML data. Each tool will in some way enhance your productivity in some way, allowing you to do the things your really enjoy about writing software on the Microsoft Windows platform. The productivity gains vary from being able to generate the tedious 80% of your project to those 5 second boosts which all add up and prevent RSI."
--Michael Minutillo, Wolfbyte .NET

"...there is a boat load of tools available out there in the wild, and it's hard to decide which one could be useful for us, and this book does a great job at pointing us out to what's worth checking out."
--Claudio Lassala, Windows Live

"Looking for the right tool for the job at hand is often an arduous process usually involving the comparison of similar tools and cost. It would be nice to have a reference to some of the most widely used tools available and an understanding of what makes the tool beneficial to you. This is where the Windows Developer Power Tools book can help enormously. Created by James Avery and Jim Holmes (both Microsoft MVPs with a wealth of experience), the book introduces you to over 170 tools that are either free to use or published under various open source licenses. Although the title of the book may suggest that it concentrates on Windows Development, don't be fooled, it contains many tools and components for ASP.NET developers plus tools that will help you document, debug and profile your applications...The book is extremely well laid out and offers good insights into the tools that you need to get your job done. The amount of time saved looking for the right tool and the information and instructions provided for each tool easily covers the cost of the book. If you like your toolbox to contain the best tools of the trade, then this book is definitely for you. "
--David Jeavons, DevCity.NET

"Windows Developer Power Tools by James Avery and Jim Holmes effectively points out nearly 170+ interesting tools along with relevant explanation regarding the usage of each one of them...Overall, I feel that the book is a good reference material for developers as it will surely benefit them someday."
--Anand Narayanaswamy, ASPalliance