Wei Hu

Wei Hu was one of the original designers of DCE. At Digital, Wei was the project leader for the team that worked with HP to deliver DCE RPC to the Open Software Foundation. Wei's team developed the connection-oriented RPC protocols, authenticated RPC, and the name service interfaces to the DCE Cell Directory Service. Wei also worked with the OSF and the other DCE technology providers to integrate this software into DCE. Prior to DCE, Wei worked on the VAX Security Kernel: a virtual machine operating system designed for the A1 rating (the highest security rating defined by the U.S. government). In addition to working on various aspects of the kernel, Wei invented a new approach for eliminating a class of security flaws that were previously thought intractable; he then led the team that implemented these safeguards. Before joining Digital, Wei worked for five years at Honeywell Information Systems where he experienced firsthand the challenges involved in building heterogeneous distributed applications without the benefits of a DCE. Wei worked on a number of products including electronic mail, distributed calendars, and gateways. Wei and his wife, Irene, practice growth through change. Within a six-month period, they had a second child, started writing books, changed jobs, and moved across the country to Silicon Valley. Wei is now with Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, working on server technologies for multimedia and high-availability. Wei received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass. In addition to this book, Wei coauthored the second edition of the Guide to Writing DCE Applications and has published numerous papers in distributed applications and computer security. He also holds four patents based on his work with security and distributed computing.

DCE Security Programming DCE Security Programming
by Wei Hu
July 1995

Guide to Writing DCE Applications Guide to Writing DCE Applications
by John Shirley, Wei Hu, David Magid
Second Edition June 1992