Cyrill Harnischmacher

Cyrill Harnischmacher is a photographer and designer who lives and works in southern Germany. His first book, Low Budget Shooting, won him the prestigeous Fotobuch-award of the German Booksellers Association in 2005. Cyrill is a studio photographer by profession and a nature and infrared photographer by passion.

"Those new to tabletop photography will find that this book is a useful primer while the more experienced will, nevertheless, find a range of useful hints and tips."
--Adrian Morant, GadgetSpeak

"An excellent book that an amateur can use. If you’re new to tabletop photography and you could follow along – it should not be that difficult – you may just blossom into becoming a professional product photographer."
--Chris Malinao, Manilla Bulletin

"The size and coverage of the book is really just right."
--Britt Stokes, DigitalAppleJuice

"A concise treatment of a subject too often neglected. It is possible to take great photography of everyday objects and products without a very expensive setup, and the author comprehensively shows how in less than 140 pages."
--Federico Lucifredi,

"An excellent book that the amateur can use. If you’re new to tabletop photography and you could follow along – it should not be that difficult – you may just blossom into becoming a professional product photographer."
--Chris Malinao,

"This amazing book is a must-have title both for amateur and professional photographers. Instead of searching and having to try again and again, this book provides a quick and direct way to understand different photography tips and tricks and how you can use them to create your own amazing shots."
--Rafiq Elmansy, Graphic Mania

"It is an excellent book which will open your eyes to the complexity of tabletop photography. At the same time it will challenge you to revise the way you approach still life and product photography and inspire you to a new level of creativity and skill in this overlooked art."
--Gordon Hammond, Food and Travel

"This book will help you be more creative and take your photography to a higher level. There is something for all ages and ability levels. I recommend this for every photographer’s library."
--Clara Harold, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society, March 2011, Volume 29, Number 3

"This book is 21 chapters of creativity. With this guide in hand, there’s no more excuse for shooting boring photos."
--Doug Bardwell, The Cleveland Examiner

"The Wild Side Of Photography, as expected, coming from many different authors, has a lot of different styles of both writing and photography, but what I did like is that this book provides many things that will appeal to most photographers. So if you are looking for some inspiration, wanting to get your creative juices flowing, then The Wild Side Of Photography will provide a good read."
--T. Michael Testi, The Seattle PI Reader Blogs

"The market is flooded with so many boring photography how-to’s it’s enough to make a shutterbug toss his camera and take up golf. This book will, at the very least, hold your interest… and probably inspire you to try something different."
--Derek Pell, Zoom Street Magazine

"We will definitely find inspiration in this book as we look for creative ways to exercise the Yongnuo timer for our FirstUse review!"
--Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayMagazine

"Digital Infrared Photography is a compact guide to infrared photography that shows the beauty of infrared imagery while it teaches how to shoot these images with a digital camera. "
--Stan Ashbrook, PSA Journal

"If you are afraid or hesitant to alter or dedicate your camera to generate original infrared digital "negatives," stay away from Digital Infrared Photography. But if the author's fabulous photos inspire and motivate you, then this concise volume will have a prominent place on your bookshelf."
--John Nemerovski, MyMac Magazine

"Low Budget Shooting is perfect for a photographer with a great camera but no lighting equipment. "
--Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"Closeup Shooting: Complex information, good results"
--Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"Digital Infrared Photography makes for a very good introduction to the subject of infrared photography. It nicely transitions from the technical topics of what infrared photography is, through what equipment you need, to the last third of the book focusing on the digital darkroom. "
--T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

"...published in a beautifully designed, slim, hard cover book with gorgeous crisp and sometimes-eerie infrared photographs, is a feast for the eyes. It is also a very complete compact guide to accomplishing extraordinary photography in the digital realm of recording the "invisible" spectrum of infrared light."
--John Hershey, NCMUG December 2008 Newsletter

"Digital Infrared Photography is an excellent book for someone new to digital infrared photography. It would also be great for a photographer who hasn't expressed an interest in infrared but enjoys being creative with digital photography. Photographers who are already experienced with infrared photography will have less use for this book, but may find a few new tricks in its pages."
--Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"If you are an aspiring photographer wanting to explore new photographic territories this beautifully designed and illustrated book is the perfect companion for you."
--Michael Shaw, Macintosh Users East (MaUsE)